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SARAH STOOKEY has been a professor at Central Connecticut State University since 2006.  Before getting her PhD she worked in community-based economic development and micro-loan funds, primarily in Nicaragua. She has also worked with the Salvation Army in the Philippines, Indonesia, Zambia and various countries of Latin America.  She primarily teaches classes on globalization, ethics and social issues. She is active in international education efforts on campus and has led student trips to Nicaragua. Sarah is passionate about community engagement with New Britain and was a founder of Community Central, CCSU's downtown storefront center for campus-community collaboration and learning. In addition to campus-community engagement her research interests include the political economy of business and markets and management education. She holds an MBA from UMASS Amherst, and an M.A. in Economics from the University of California, Riverside.

RATI KUMAR is an assistant professor of Public Relations and Organizational Communications at Central Connecticut State University.


ERIC PHELAN is a 2018 graduate of Central Connecticut State University with a Bachelor of Arts  in Economics and Minor in Management. As a student he became increasingly interested in the economic and individual freedom.  
Eric is a strong believer in free-market economics, absolute individual freedom, and strong national security. He currently resides in Knoxville, Tennessee where they have no income tax; which he thoroughly embraces. 

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JESSICA SCHREINDORFER is 21 years old and finishing up her degree in Sociology and Business Management at Central Connecticut State University. Throughout her educational carrier she has changed majors many times.  After taking a sociology class at a local community college she realized it was important to understand more about the people and the society we live in. She has found it very interesting to study capitalism and to connect that to her management classes where the focus is on making profit.  She says, "finding my passion in these ideas and issues has driven me to be a stronger student and a more active member of society".

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